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Into Temptation
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Friday, June 8th, 2012
12:36 am
below is a childhood
same as the adulthood
hope that i never would
forget if i ever could
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
10:56 am
Staying Alive
yes yes, we all know I'm over at azuriyel now, but regarding the whole purging thing I think i'd better keep this thing alive.

updates at Az coming along shortly.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
6:59 pm
I have created a new LJ, which is azuriyel - because RTBISC was a STUPID name. I was messing about with journal settings, and got this strange layout, which is kinda cool really. But yeah.

To say farewell to this journal *sob* I did this meme:

Haiku2 for rtbisc
contain all rangers
apart from ones that were in
a very strange bus
Created by Grahame
Strange buses FTW.

I'll be back in this journal - i think i'll use it for art... or something... I feel bad about leaving it. It's my baby ^^ Yeah, RTBISC will be my art journal. Just don't ask me to draw art of RTBISC.

No really... don't.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Monday, July 24th, 2006
10:55 pm
Stolen from mah cuzzeh:

Step 1: Put your MP3 player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Ask everyone to guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: No cheating.

So here it is. I didn't skip any, apart from ones that were in a different language, or ones that I'm not actually allowed to post the lyrics to due to the songs being Marillion songs that haven't been released yet...

1. People everywhere, a sense of expectation hanging in the air

2. Love can make you weep, can make you run for cover

3. I think I have become one of the hollow men, as I shine on the outside more these days - GUESSED BY scatli - Hollow men, Marillion

4. Chiquitita tell me what’s wrong, you’re enchained by your own sorrow

5. You were standing like a statue in the light, and it looked like just like perfection in my eyes

6. Escape, is on your mind again, escape, to a far away land

7. Turn your life upside down… take a car into town

8. You landed in my life, like a new and brighter light

9.I’m really close tonight, and I feel like I’m moving inside her

10.No night to stay in, bad moon is rising again

11.I wasn’t jealous before we met, now every woman I see is a potential threat

12. Drive the road to your surrender, time comes around out of my hands

13. I thought love was only true in fairy tales, meant for someone else but not for me… - GUESSED BY scatli- I'm a Believer, Monkees/Smash Mouth

14. You opened up your door, I couldn’t believe my luck

15. Today! I saw music in the sky… - GUESSED BY scatli, Between You And Me, Marillion

16. Everything crashed, his wife left him

17. No time, no place to talk about the weather, promise of love is hard to ignore

18. Here today, gone this afternoon

19. She took my hand and said: Let’s go together, you and me against the world - GUESSED BY scatli - Tumble Down the Years, Marillion

20. Can you imagine that, an itch too sensitive to scratch, the light that falls through the cracks, an insect too delicate to catch

Current Mood: tired
9:32 pm
Random thing
Just so people know more about me, I found this somewhere, and decided to fill it in...

1. The last person I was jealous of was:  Angelina Jolie. Why.Won’t.Richard.Stop.Going.On.About.Her?!?! ARGH it’s not fair >.>
2. Never in my life have I: Died
3. The one person who can drive me nuts is: …everyone
4. High School: AHS
5. When I'm nervous I: Fiddle with something.
6. The last time I cried was: Can’t remember.
8. My hair is: Nice and clean.
9. When I was 5: I was innocent.
10: Last Christmas: I gave you my heart…
11. I should be: Doing something productive
12. My heart is: Not my property. It’s RH’s ^.^
13. I want to sleep more than I want to: Go to school.
14. When I look down I see: The sky
15. The craziest recent event was: Yesterday. Whoa.
16. If I were a character on The Simpsons I'd be: Homer XD
17. This time next year: I swear I will have joined a club.
18. Current relationship status: Single, but taken.
19. I have a hard time understanding: Why
21. You know I like you when: (Friends) I’ve decided to tell you what RTBISC *really* stands for… (love interest) I tease you mercilessly whilst also flirting with you.
22. I secretly lust over: The dutch.
23. Take my advice: Hahah, you won’t trick me that way. Not like last time.
24. My ideal breakfast is: RTBISC
25. If you visited the place I was born: You’d get a disease
26. I plan to visit: Earth. Maybe sometime soon.
27. If you spend the night at my house: You’d probably never want to know me again… =P
28. I'd stop my wedding if: The world came to an end. Because then i wouldnt have much choice.
29. The world could do without: 5th Gear
30. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than date: Tiff Needell
31. Most recent thing you've bought yourself: Loads of stuff, from the shopping spree I went on earlier…
32. Most recent thing someone else bought for you: A t-shirt saying something about chocolate
33. My favourite blonde is: Uh… Scott.
34. My favorite brunette is: Mmmm… RH
35. Animal I'd like to see fly other than birds: Humans. WHEE!
36. I shouldn't have been: Forgotten when they were handing out sanity.
37. Last night I was. Watching Top Gear. Oh yeah…
38. There's this girl I know who: goes to my school…
39: I don't know: Oh, yes I do!
40. A better name for me would be: Katina.
41. If I ever go back to school I'll say: Did we have any French homework?
42. How many days until my birthday?: A lot?
43. Tomorrow I am: Going to be a day older.
44. I really want to learn: How to be normal.

Current Mood: hopeful
1:33 pm
12:44 pm
*-(Quoted from last night's TG)-*

Jeremy: And then we had to drain the brakes, which turned out to be full of double-entendres.

Jeremy: The nipple's off....
James: The tube is in the hole...
Richard: Now pump it, pump it until it's hard
Jeremy: Pumping...
Richard: Yeah, that's good, that's really good, yeah, it's nice and hard, yeah


Going shopping today, badly need to go shopping, wanna buy stuff wanna buyyy!!!!

And there is something I need to tell you all.
*takes deep breath in*
I... am a dutchophile.

Current Mood: smutty... it's richard's fault
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
3:57 pm

Summer holidays HERE I COME!!!!

My parents are at a wedding till 11pm and my brother is at a sleepover (home alone!) and it's double XP weekend on CoH!!!

In not-so-good news, my friend is being a complete and utter bitch. On thursday, I was walking into the drama studio, and she screwed her finger into my back really hard, so I spun around and hit her hand off my back, and then she slapped me in the face, and then I went: "Lizzy cut it out!" and she went to punch me, and I grabbed her arm and twisted it round, and then she grabbed my wrist and dug her nails in really hard, and so I kicked her, and then elbowed her, but she wouldn't let go, then I twisted my arm out of her grip, said: "What the hell do you think you're doing?" and then the teacher came in so she stopped. And then I realised I had blood dripping down my arm where she had dug her nails in.

And then I went to sit down, the opposite side from my group of friends than her, and I said: "You BITCH, you made me bleed!" and my friend who was sitting next to me goes: "Oh yeah, she made you bleed, how awful" in a very sarcastic voice. Which was totally stupid, because she attacked me.


To level 30!!

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
5:52 pm
I believe in doing things backwards
...The thing that's the matter with waiting a long time to update LJ is, you forget what happened to you.

I am at a loss.

So let's have a little update on my life, eh?

Plucked up lots of courage to go to the Main Cast meeting at the boys' school in lunchtime yesterday, but walked in to a room of strange people who were staring at me, and a man who told me I wasn't in the main cast and had missed the dancer's meeting.



You bastard.

Due to some completely stupid and strange poster shit, they had fucked it all up so I didn't know who or what I was and they didn't explain what I was meant to do, seeing as my name was under the Main Cast bit I presumed I had to go to the main cast meeting, but no, I had to go to the dancers and extra's meeting for people who put in application forms but didn't get a reply. How bloody obvious.

At least I'm one of the main dancers at the front who are doing the main routine and showing off and stuff. But still. You might as well not get my hopes up - actually, they didn't just get my hopes up, they BLATANTLY TOLD ME I was in the main cast..


Anyway, it was my brother's birthday on Friday, and we went to LaserQuazar for his birthday. All his friends were against another birthday party. And we whooped.their.asses. But I feel kinda bad about it, cause they were only about 6 or 7 and didn't really know how to play. Then again, they did get the Marshal (whose name was actually Steven. I told him he should change his name to Marshall to save confusion, but I don't think he appreciated my sense of humour) on their team, and he was an arrogant snooty pushy little bastard. I shot him lots. Hahah.

I tried to organise them into attack squadrons with 4 for defense (staying in the base region, defending against enemy attacks) 4 for attack (attack on the enemy base) and 3 for assassin (purely scouting out other players) but they didn't listen to my brilliant tactics. I even knew how they were meant to be positioned. Hm.

My brother also got World of Warcraft for his birthday, which I have tried to play and am not very good at, honestly. I much prefer CoH. Mainly because of my amazing friends that I play with ^.^

The same friends who, via Xfire, told me off about playing WoW. I also had some funny conversations with them. I'll post them here when I'm on my other computer.

So, yes. Last week of school. Teachers chucking tests at us left right and centre.


Current Mood: hot
Friday, July 14th, 2006
9:05 pm
Walk like an egyptian...
OMG. o.O I have not updated LJ for a whole week. Sorry ^.^

Every day, I check on my friends' journals (all 2 of 'em >.>) to see if they've posted. And if they haven't, I go all: OMG OMG THEY'RE DEAD AAAARGH.

So yeah. I'm not dead. Sorry about the disappointment.

I guess I'd better write up what happened to me this week. Oh, god, this is going to take forever XP

Let's start with Saturday...

There weren't as many people at the Summer fete as I expected, but I still managed to sell a few things :D The best of all was the sweet tombola (candy for all you americans) 'cause I won 6 prizes and only spent 2 quid ^.^ I also bought a fancy laptop and foot rest for going on the computer - apparently they improve your posture and circulation... or something.

After that, me and my friend (and her sister and her dad and her sister's friend) went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2. I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but it was HILARIOUS. The only problem I had with it was the ending. It was like half a movie. I CANNOT wait a whole year for the other half >.> not fair.

Then, I went home to my friend's house, where I was greeted by THE CUTEST LITTLE GREY BUNNY RABBIT EVER!!! And a big barky dalmatian called Rory. He barked so much at me. I was like: O.o what's your PROBLEM?! Though I guess it's kinda good if he barks, so that if some creepoid burglar/rapist/kidnapper/stalker/thing comes to steal/rape/bunnynap/stalk (o.O) their rabbit, it can scare them away.

We only had half an hour before Doctor Who, so we went on her trampoline, and I did something strange to my back and it went all sore.

Doctor Who.... *bursts into tears* WAAAAAAH! But though I had a massive lump in my throat at the end of it, and had tears in my eyes, I MANAGED TO NOT CRY! Go me ^.^ It was so sad... I feel like doing a Doctor Who movie thingie a la Tears of Snow on Youtube, only using the song 'Fantastic Place' instead. I don't know why, but I am so loving Fantastic Place right now.

So then I went home, and... aw crud. I can't be arsed. I really can't. I'll post more later.

Voice: *whispers* lazyarse...

Current Mood: tired
Friday, July 7th, 2006
6:49 pm
Ok, so I was sitting in English, when my teacher suddenly came over to me.

Teacher: So you're doing the big production of A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Me: Yep
Teacher: Congratulations on getting a part!
Me: ... eh?
Teacher: Haven't you seen the noticeboard yet?
Me: Noo...
Teacher: Well you got a part! Well done!

So I went up to the noticeboard, and I didn't get the part of Titainia - I got a [blank] part. The 21 lucky people who got into the main cast (out of the 80 that auditioned) were listed, and their part name next to their name. I was on there, but there was no part name next to my name. Which is kinda confusing...

Anyway, in other news, I'm going to get REALLY good at drawing Manga. I am determined. I went out to the Art Shop today, but forgot the contents of the list from http://www.polykarbon.com/tutorials/materials/materials.htm so I only bought the one thing I remembered from it - a putty rubber. It's really cool and squidgy ^.^

It's my brother's birthday in one week - then he'll be 10! It seems like he's been 9 forever...

And it's the weeekeeend! And a really busy one for me too...

Tomorrow it's my brother's school's summer fete. My mum decided to sign me up to help out on the stationary stall... after that, I'm going to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 with my friend, and then watch Doctor Who with her. In my magazine, it says Billie Piper has signed up for another series of Doctor Who - but that can't be right. Rose dies!

On Sunday, I've got the Apprentice challenge at my school, that I decided to sign up for. We're raising money for the Agape group in Kenya (a group that helps children with HIV and AIDS) by mucking around with various makeup tools on people's faces and then charging them money for it. We also have to wear pink.

I have decided I am going to do the 'Oriental Studies': Japan study course at Oxford University. Probably because Japan fascinates me. I love their language, I love anime and manga, and I think sushi is cute... y'know, how they arrange it and stuff.

In Rounders today, I managed to hit the ball EVERY TIME I went up to bat. Including the time someone threw the ball at my FACE, and I had to move my bat infront of my face to keep from losing some teeth. Downside is, I've now hurt my foot (dunno how) and have a headache.

Ah well.


Current Mood: surprised
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
9:32 pm
Right, my friend is so pissing me off. She sometimes just goes completely out of order. For instance, a conversation we had this morning:

Friend: *whispers something*
Me: Why are you whispering?
Friend: Uh... I don't know...
Her: You ever notice how when people go in a church they all whisper? And they don't, like, even need to whisper. They can just talk out loud.
Me: Well, in my church, we're not even meant to whisper. But I know what you mean.
Her: That's cause your church is all spazzy and weird.
Me: Excuse me?!
Her: We just talk all the time in our church...
Me: We can't, cause we're meant to be praying/singing all the time
Her: Well your church is all freaky and crappy and catholic
Me: Are you insulting my religion?
Her: Yes I am, what are you going to do about it?
Me: I'm going to politely ask you to stop insulting my religion
Her: No, but your religion is weird...

The thing that gets me is, she wouldn't dare insult my other friend, who is a Muslim, so why does she insult me? Plus she sometimes is... just mean. Just generally mean.

You know what? I think she's jealous. >.> Thing is, I don't see how anyone could be jealous of me...

Today at 5am, I was rather rudely woken up by a massive thunderstorm. You know that counting to see how far away the lightning is? Well, I did that, and the lightening was virtually going around in circles outside my house. It was bloody DEAFENING, which meant I couldn't get to sleep until half 6, which isn't much use seeing as I have to get up at 7 anyway... it was a memorable experience, though. Apparently it struck some electricity pylons near my friend's house, and now she has no electricity.

This afternoon, my mum and her friend Ginette went around our village with a dog and a camera. For a reason, though. Their friend (the mother of my brother's best friends) was moving away, and so they decided to take pictures of all the landmarks in our village for her. Only they did a kinda 'Where's Wally' thing, putting Ginette's really cute dog Scruffy somewhere in all the pictures - looking out of a pub window, hiding behind a plantpot, that kind of thing. This was mainly because the woman who is leaving absolutely HATES Scruffy. Which is CRAZY because he is soooooo CUTE! I don't see how she can not like him. That's like hating teddy bears. It's just not sane.

...I wonder how people write such entertaining journals? I can't do it!!! That was really boring! Even though it was exciting when it happened, now, down on paper (well, screen) it looks crap. u.u

Tell me if my journal has entertained you in any way, or similarly if it's given you a horrible rash.

My dad's telling me I have to go to bed now. I don't know anyone else's parents that are so controlling. My parents even know when I'm on the TOILET. They know EVERYTHING. It's scary.

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
6:54 pm
I want one of those shields!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Rtbisc!

  1. The ace of spades in a playing card deck symbolizes rtbisc.
  2. The Aztec Indians of Mexico believed rtbisc would protect them from physical harm, and so warriors used it to decorate their battle shields.
  3. Rtbisc is the only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World that still survives.
  4. In 1982 Time Magazine named rtbisc its 'Man of the Year'.
  5. Rtbisc is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered and treated by bees.
  6. Rtbisc never said 'Play it again, Sam'!
  7. If a snake is born with two heads, the heads will fight over who gets rtbisc!
  8. Lightning strikes rtbisc over seven times every hour!
  9. Rtbisc can use only about ten percent of its brain!
  10. You should always open rtbisc at least an hour before drinking it!
I am interested in - do tell me about
LMAO. Especially 2. (Just imagine) and 10. (smutsmutsmutohthesmut) Of course, this will not be in the slightest way amusing to you if you don't actually know what rtbisc means...

Current Mood: bouncy
5:13 pm
Llama Llama Duck
Well, I guess this I have to update now, seeing as I've neglected LJ for about a week. Hm, I have a friend called LJ. I swear I'm gonna accidentally call her LiveJournal one day.


Friday - went to my friend's house after school, left my Tech folder randomly lying around the place, went on her bus (a very strange bus - there was this one guy with hair as long as my forearm, who had used probably a whole tub of hairgel to stick it straight up in the air) went to her house, and by that time, I had to get ready for the disco. After getting ready, we ate tea and went to the disco.

It was really strange. All these boys from my old school were there, boys who previously we all saw as the idiots they were in Primary School, joking about how we'd catch some kind of nasty disease if we touched them... but now? Girls are making out with them.

...Seriously. Ew.

Not that the idea of making out is gross. I'm not saying that at all. I just don't understand how anyone would want to make out with *them*. They're like... little boys.

Anyway, the next morning, I went to the same friend's village carnival. It was pretty uneventful. Then, we went home to watch the bloody England match. Dammit! They cheated! Portugal were fouling and acting and behaving like big girlies.

Then, we *were* going to Hyde Park Calling, on the guest list and everything, only we arrived too late (cause of the England match) and it turned out that the main act had been on for over an hour so we couldn't get in. We were even on the guest list! So we had to sit outside on the grass...

And it was 11pm, and we still hadn't eaten, so we got in the car, drove through London (past lots and lots of drunk people) (It was a Saturday night in London though, what did I expect?) and we found a Pizza Express.

It was past midnight when we drove back, and in the car, I was pretending to be asleep when I heard this conversation:

Dad: Hey, you know Craig Charles?
Me: *opens one eye* *starts listening intently*
Mum: Yes, what about him?
Dad: He's been caught doing 60 shots of cocaine in the back of a car
Mum: ... that is sad, isn't it.
Dad: Yes, it's pathetic.
Me: *heart attack*

...and this epic saga of stuff will continue after I eat my tea...

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
8:18 pm
Today! I saw music, in the sky... *lah*

Today was strange...

Very strange.

I was standing in the bus park, waiting for the bus, when a random guy came up to me.

Random guy: Hi... could you do something for me?
Me: ???
RG: Would you give me head?
Me: O.o

Now I would like to say I did something smart here. I would like to say I patted him on the head and said: "Maybe when you're older". I would have also liked to say I acted like any normal teenage girl would. 'What the fuck? Get away from me, you freak!" However, I was very freaked out by this. So the best I could manage was...

Me: NO.
RG: Aww... why not?
Me: Because, you're a freak and I don't even know you.
RG: *walks away*

Then, another, older guy came up to me.

Guy: You just ruined his dreams!
Me: O.o

...aaaand, in other news, I handed in my application for the part of Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream - a little ambitious, maybe, but I look older than I am, and anyway, I can do it ^.^

I'm going to my friend's house tomorrow after school and then going to the disco. I *finally* put together an outfit.

And a bird flew in our french windows, and flew back out again.

And my mother wants me to go and have a shower...

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
7:41 pm
The week goes by so quickly...
Hm, I have now updated to a sponsored + account, mainly 'cause I wanted more display pictures.

Today was good, managed to get the 2nd last ticket for the school disco, got an application form for a joint production (my school and the boys' school) of A Midsummer Night's Dream (a modern version) in which I shalt apply to be a punk fairy... eth.

Managed to do all my homework, so have the rest of the day to do nothing. Finally got 'round to recharging my iPod, so am listening to it right now.

...You really don't want to know, do you?

I tell you, this 'post every day' malarkey is hard, you know. Having to think of something entertaining every day.

RH and his spouse were spotted in the Daffodil restaurant in Cheltenham recently. Not by me, obviously. But by some bloker who wrote in to a generic-gossip-crap magazine. I don't even know why I was reading that magazine. It's weird. I can go anywhere, do anything, and his name will turn up somewhere. Like on the fudge packet at the May Feast. Like on the side of the truck on my way to school. Like on the Marillion website.

Hm. I seem to remember strange dreams that I've forgotton. 3 strange dreams, actually. Ah, they're coming back now. God, they were strange.

Dream no.1 - Sapphira (played by yours truly) and Xy'nai (played by my wonderful cousin) were jumping about some town, fighting crime. When suddenly a particularly tricky pair of baddies turned up. I was fighting them when I... disconnected. Or something. And this was meant to be real life-esque. Guess you can never get away from the horrors of CyberPatrol. Anyway, I returned to see Xy'nai very much losing. When she was about to be defeated, the two baddies went away, saying into a walkie-talkie: "Operation Guard Sapphira and Xy'nai going to plan." How come they were killing us, then, if they were protecting us. Hum.

Anyway, later, me and Xy got a call to go up into space for some reason. Chris Barrie playing Rimmer was there, looking gorgeous, and I was *trying* to be nice to him, dare I say it, flirt with him, but he was being a git. Should have known. He was playing Rimmer, after all...

Dream no.2 (where the hell is the hash key?) This was Monday night. It was at my old school and there was a biiig footy match on with lots of people from my old school on the school's field. I joined in for a bit, then realising I was holding a teddy bear and everyone was laughing at me.

...WTF? Where did THAT come from?

Anyway, I went back up to the playground to watch it, which involved a complicated maneuver involving climbing up a brick wall and grazing my elbows and knees. Ouch. After that, we went inside the school for lessons and the inside of the school magically turned into the interior of a science lab from my new school. And guess who the science teacher was?

Yes. RH.

Needless to say I didn't get very much work done. He was wearing black jeans and a green sweater. Funny how I remember that. I remember staring at his perfect ass, and thinking "mmm... RTBISC..." And something strange happened... I was staring at him intently, and my heartbeat skyrocketed. No, not just thudthudthudthud-I-can-hear-my-heartbeat-in-my-ears skyrocketed, I mean REALLY skyrocketed, my heart was humming, the beats becoming one long beat, and then something happened, and I began to glow a faint red.... the flickering of flames began on my body... and then I woke up.


Aaand moooving on to dream number 3... the most surreal of them all...

There was... a space. A space with nothing in, save for an arch decorated with flowers, and a big rug. In the corners of my vision were the tabs for City of Heroes.

And my supergroup were all sitting on the rug, together, talking. And that 'Tension Sheet' kid from the Red Dwarf episode I watched last night wanted to know the way to the toilet. I showed him the way, which happened to be the metal stairs down the Drama Block side of the Languages Block... and then going underground... for some reason. Whilst I was underground, I witnessed a scene from Dr Who.

The TARDIS materialised underground, The Doctor and Rose got out, this conversation ensued:

Doctor: And here we are!
Rose: What was that new doohickey on the tardis?
Doctor: Oh, that's an invisibility module. It makes it so that nobody can see the Tardis.
*both turn round*
Doctor: Damn.
Rose: ...idiot.
Doctor: Could you do something for me?
Rose: Sure.
Doctor: Could you walk in that general direction until you bump into something?
Rose: Sure. *walks into invisible Tardis* Ouch!
Doctor: There you go. Problem solved.
Rose: ....
Doctor: Now, Paragon City has lots of dangerous gangs. You should stay behind while I go check the area out.
Rose: Yes doctor. *gets in the Tardis*
Doctor: Damn, don't shut the... *Rose shuts the door* SHIT!
Rose: Doctor? Am I invisibleated?
Doctor: Rose! Rose! I'll save you! I'll save you! *runs in direction of Tardis* *runs into Tardis* *hits head*
Rose: Doctor? I heard you hit something! Are you OK?
Doctor: Gruuuu.... my real name's Sam.... *falls over, unconscious*
Rose: ...What the fuck?

And then I woke up.

...Makes you wonder about the state of my mind, huh?

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
4:42 pm
Yay for dungeons ^.^

I escaped from the Dungeon of Rtbisc!

I killed Angel Chance the mind flayer.

I looted the Dagger of Terry Pratchett, the Dagger of Scatli, the Sceptre of Nicky Katt, the Wand of Computer Games, the Armour of Lyric Writing, the Sword of Top Gear and 42 gold pieces.

Score: 67

Explore the Dungeon of Rtbisc and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...
For some reason, I kept getting this: You are walking through a cold fissure. You hear the sound of dave lister in the distance. Uh... ok... See if you can beat my score! ^.^

Current Mood: I have the hiccups
Sunday, June 25th, 2006
2:28 pm
w00t for the randomness
'lo ppl.... Just did this 'cause I'm painfully bored and don't want to do my maths homework :3
LiveJournal Username
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A secret must be told to you by:scatli
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However, a complaint about you should be left by:scatli
Some song lyrics should be posted for you to guess, by:angel_chance
Also, a memory of you should be posted by:rocky_wolf
Ten words that bring you to mind must be posted by:angel_chance
A haiku (5, 7, 5) should be written about you by:rocky_wolf
An "anonymous" comment should be left by:scatli
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Waaaargh! Loadsa water just sprayed at my window! ...It's my brother with his water pistol.... Pretty sad I only have 3 LJ friends, though, isn't it :'( Dum de dum... found some nice japanese posters on ebay, Hamtaro Poster,Harvest Moon Poster

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Thursday, June 15th, 2006
8:01 pm
Ok, just joined the attonlovers comm. Posted with my normal pink av, and then remembered about my Tumble Down The Years one... silly me =P Changed it now. I can't believe I managed to make it only using Jasc PSP... mind you, PSP can be good...

Anyway. Let's start from Saturday Night, before Silverstone. The Summer Ball was going on in my old school's field, which is next to my next-door-neighbour's garden. As it happens, my next-door-neighbour was having a party as well, so that meant lots of people and lots of music and a dark cool night, which was a lovely atmosphere, so I went outside to play badminton with my little brother. We played for ages, and I made some pretty awesome shots, however I often made strange noises when reaching for the shuttlecock, earning myself the name: Team Bluh. Amazingly, me and my brother did not fall out once.

Please. No jokes about shuttlecocks and 'bluh!'. Cause I know how sick minded you are.

...or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, on to Monday.

Well, it turned out I had a bit too much sun on Sunday, and woke up feeling like a pile of carp. So I didn't go to school on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday we did Art, in which I destroyed my penguin sculpture. It's pretty much perfect now, only I needed to smooth it down more. No chance of that, though. We don't get another sculpture lesson. The rest of the day was boring, too, apart from when I went on X-fire. X-fire is a thing that you log on when you're on the computer and it shows lots of people that you are online and which video game you are playing. All of my CoH supergroup have it, so I joined.

I wrote something about the confusing event that followed on my other computer. I'll post it when LJ stops being CP'd.

Today, I found out that I got the spectacular failing score of 45% on my history exam. Go me. I am so clever. *dances*

I got 84% and 85% on my ICT and Science exams respectively, which I was very pleased with.

Got home, talked to people, England won (YAAAAY)...

...my dad has just turned on 5th Gear. He wants me to go up for a shower.

I'm sorry, but I have to get away from that carp...

Current Mood: relaxed
6:02 pm
Feeling Boring
Hm. Like the title says, I'm feeling pretty boring. 'Cause I've just been pressing the random LJ button. And my life is so... boring. Compared to some people's.

5 minutes later

Lelelelelel, masculine... lalallalalalala, feeeminiiine!!!

Sorry. Anyone who has been on Linguascope will know.

Someone's just knocked on the door...

It was my dad.

Hmm. See, boring!!

15 minutes later

Got lots of stuff to say. Can't be bothered. Gonna go eat now.

Will post again afterwards.

lalalaalah, feminine....

Current Mood: chipper
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