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Ok, just joined the attonlovers comm. Posted with my normal pink av, and then remembered about my Tumble Down The Years one... silly me =P Changed it now. I can't believe I managed to make it only using Jasc PSP... mind you, PSP can be good...

Anyway. Let's start from Saturday Night, before Silverstone. The Summer Ball was going on in my old school's field, which is next to my next-door-neighbour's garden. As it happens, my next-door-neighbour was having a party as well, so that meant lots of people and lots of music and a dark cool night, which was a lovely atmosphere, so I went outside to play badminton with my little brother. We played for ages, and I made some pretty awesome shots, however I often made strange noises when reaching for the shuttlecock, earning myself the name: Team Bluh. Amazingly, me and my brother did not fall out once.

Please. No jokes about shuttlecocks and 'bluh!'. Cause I know how sick minded you are.

...or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, on to Monday.

Well, it turned out I had a bit too much sun on Sunday, and woke up feeling like a pile of carp. So I didn't go to school on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday we did Art, in which I destroyed my penguin sculpture. It's pretty much perfect now, only I needed to smooth it down more. No chance of that, though. We don't get another sculpture lesson. The rest of the day was boring, too, apart from when I went on X-fire. X-fire is a thing that you log on when you're on the computer and it shows lots of people that you are online and which video game you are playing. All of my CoH supergroup have it, so I joined.

I wrote something about the confusing event that followed on my other computer. I'll post it when LJ stops being CP'd.

Today, I found out that I got the spectacular failing score of 45% on my history exam. Go me. I am so clever. *dances*

I got 84% and 85% on my ICT and Science exams respectively, which I was very pleased with.

Got home, talked to people, England won (YAAAAY)... dad has just turned on 5th Gear. He wants me to go up for a shower.

I'm sorry, but I have to get away from that carp...
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