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Today! I saw music, in the sky... *lah*

Today was strange...

Very strange.

I was standing in the bus park, waiting for the bus, when a random guy came up to me.

Random guy: Hi... could you do something for me?
Me: ???
RG: Would you give me head?
Me: O.o

Now I would like to say I did something smart here. I would like to say I patted him on the head and said: "Maybe when you're older". I would have also liked to say I acted like any normal teenage girl would. 'What the fuck? Get away from me, you freak!" However, I was very freaked out by this. So the best I could manage was...

Me: NO.
RG: Aww... why not?
Me: Because, you're a freak and I don't even know you.
RG: *walks away*

Then, another, older guy came up to me.

Guy: You just ruined his dreams!
Me: O.o

...aaaand, in other news, I handed in my application for the part of Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream - a little ambitious, maybe, but I look older than I am, and anyway, I can do it ^.^

I'm going to my friend's house tomorrow after school and then going to the disco. I *finally* put together an outfit.

And a bird flew in our french windows, and flew back out again.

And my mother wants me to go and have a shower...
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