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Well, I guess this I have to update now, seeing as I've neglected LJ for about a week. Hm, I have a friend called LJ. I swear I'm gonna accidentally call her LiveJournal one day.


Friday - went to my friend's house after school, left my Tech folder randomly lying around the place, went on her bus (a very strange bus - there was this one guy with hair as long as my forearm, who had used probably a whole tub of hairgel to stick it straight up in the air) went to her house, and by that time, I had to get ready for the disco. After getting ready, we ate tea and went to the disco.

It was really strange. All these boys from my old school were there, boys who previously we all saw as the idiots they were in Primary School, joking about how we'd catch some kind of nasty disease if we touched them... but now? Girls are making out with them.

...Seriously. Ew.

Not that the idea of making out is gross. I'm not saying that at all. I just don't understand how anyone would want to make out with *them*. They're like... little boys.

Anyway, the next morning, I went to the same friend's village carnival. It was pretty uneventful. Then, we went home to watch the bloody England match. Dammit! They cheated! Portugal were fouling and acting and behaving like big girlies.

Then, we *were* going to Hyde Park Calling, on the guest list and everything, only we arrived too late (cause of the England match) and it turned out that the main act had been on for over an hour so we couldn't get in. We were even on the guest list! So we had to sit outside on the grass...

And it was 11pm, and we still hadn't eaten, so we got in the car, drove through London (past lots and lots of drunk people) (It was a Saturday night in London though, what did I expect?) and we found a Pizza Express.

It was past midnight when we drove back, and in the car, I was pretending to be asleep when I heard this conversation:

Dad: Hey, you know Craig Charles?
Me: *opens one eye* *starts listening intently*
Mum: Yes, what about him?
Dad: He's been caught doing 60 shots of cocaine in the back of a car
Mum: ... that is sad, isn't it.
Dad: Yes, it's pathetic.
Me: *heart attack*

...and this epic saga of stuff will continue after I eat my tea...
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