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Ok, so I was sitting in English, when my teacher suddenly came over to me.

Teacher: So you're doing the big production of A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Me: Yep
Teacher: Congratulations on getting a part!
Me: ... eh?
Teacher: Haven't you seen the noticeboard yet?
Me: Noo...
Teacher: Well you got a part! Well done!

So I went up to the noticeboard, and I didn't get the part of Titainia - I got a [blank] part. The 21 lucky people who got into the main cast (out of the 80 that auditioned) were listed, and their part name next to their name. I was on there, but there was no part name next to my name. Which is kinda confusing...

Anyway, in other news, I'm going to get REALLY good at drawing Manga. I am determined. I went out to the Art Shop today, but forgot the contents of the list from so I only bought the one thing I remembered from it - a putty rubber. It's really cool and squidgy ^.^

It's my brother's birthday in one week - then he'll be 10! It seems like he's been 9 forever...

And it's the weeekeeend! And a really busy one for me too...

Tomorrow it's my brother's school's summer fete. My mum decided to sign me up to help out on the stationary stall... after that, I'm going to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 with my friend, and then watch Doctor Who with her. In my magazine, it says Billie Piper has signed up for another series of Doctor Who - but that can't be right. Rose dies!

On Sunday, I've got the Apprentice challenge at my school, that I decided to sign up for. We're raising money for the Agape group in Kenya (a group that helps children with HIV and AIDS) by mucking around with various makeup tools on people's faces and then charging them money for it. We also have to wear pink.

I have decided I am going to do the 'Oriental Studies': Japan study course at Oxford University. Probably because Japan fascinates me. I love their language, I love anime and manga, and I think sushi is cute... y'know, how they arrange it and stuff.

In Rounders today, I managed to hit the ball EVERY TIME I went up to bat. Including the time someone threw the ball at my FACE, and I had to move my bat infront of my face to keep from losing some teeth. Downside is, I've now hurt my foot (dunno how) and have a headache.

Ah well.

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