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Summer holidays HERE I COME!!!!

My parents are at a wedding till 11pm and my brother is at a sleepover (home alone!) and it's double XP weekend on CoH!!!

In not-so-good news, my friend is being a complete and utter bitch. On thursday, I was walking into the drama studio, and she screwed her finger into my back really hard, so I spun around and hit her hand off my back, and then she slapped me in the face, and then I went: "Lizzy cut it out!" and she went to punch me, and I grabbed her arm and twisted it round, and then she grabbed my wrist and dug her nails in really hard, and so I kicked her, and then elbowed her, but she wouldn't let go, then I twisted my arm out of her grip, said: "What the hell do you think you're doing?" and then the teacher came in so she stopped. And then I realised I had blood dripping down my arm where she had dug her nails in.

And then I went to sit down, the opposite side from my group of friends than her, and I said: "You BITCH, you made me bleed!" and my friend who was sitting next to me goes: "Oh yeah, she made you bleed, how awful" in a very sarcastic voice. Which was totally stupid, because she attacked me.


To level 30!!
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