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Into Temptation

The Fantastic Place

Hello, my name is Jen. My username, RTBISC, was kinda a last resort when I couldn't think of anything to put as my name. Obviously, 5 minutes after I'd registered, I thought up a better name. But that doesn't matter...

About me? Well... I'm strange. I have brilliant tastes in music and men. But my friends all think I have rubbish tastes, cause they're all stupid.

My favourite bands are Marillion and Crowded House, my favourite TV shows Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and Top Gear. I love drawing anime and writing stories. I have a very sarcastic, obscure and crude sense of humour.

My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt and Trudi Canavan.

If you faint whenever someone swears/blush and giggle whenever someone mentions sex/think yEw arE LyEk t3H KewLesT PerSoN EvAH/are generally stupid and annoying, this is your last chance to leave. I know WAY too many people like that already.


And that's me.